How does it work?

This is just the typical and broad workflow.
Actual terms will be in contract.


Initial consultation and proposal

The first step in the customer journey is typically an initial meeting or consultation with the web developer. During this meeting, the web developer will listen to the customer's needs and goals for their website, and discuss the various services and options available. The web developer will then provide a proposal or quote for the work, and the customer will decide whether to proceed with the project.


Design and development process

Once the customer has agreed to the proposal and the project has begun, the web developer will start working on creating the website. This typically involves designing the layout and appearance of the site, writing the code, and adding content and features. The web developer will regularly check in with the customer to provide updates and gather feedback, and make any necessary adjustments to the website based on the customer's input.


Final review and publication

Once the web developer has completed the website, they will provide the customer with a final version of the site to review. The customer can then make any final changes or adjustments, and provide their approval to publish the site. The web developer will then help the customer to publish the site, making it available for the world to see.

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